I’m not small

Though you dislike me

And wish to belittle and bad mouth me

You think you are bigger

And that I am smaller

And I know

That you will do what you want

To put me down

To steal my smile

Make me feel isolated

Make me feel alone

You want what I have

What I am

But you can’t take it by force

Because I am me and you are you

Time to grow up

Be a better person

One who helps not hurts

Who isn’t fake

Passive aggressive

Confront me

You aren’t that big

And I’m not small

You aren’t always right

I’m not always wrong

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Every day that passes

You’ve got ahold of me

And what’s worse it tears me apart

Every day that passes

and we still aren’t together

Makes me fear solitude

And fear for my heart

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Fool me

Fool me once shame on you

Twice: shame on me

Three times?

Then I’m just a fool

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Better alone

It’s just you and me here

We said what we needed

But not enough apparently

No things are clear

The obstacles still there

Words may not bridge

We might be too different

We are better alone than as a pair

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Live in the present

Forget the past

Move on to the future

Away from this

Because it won’t last

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More time

You ask too many questions

And don’t give enough answers

You promised me the world

But never delivered

And now I need more time

More months

Even then –

Don’t know if we’ll be fine

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Should have

You should have loved me when you had me

You should have heeded my words

You should have been there for me

Like I was for you

You should have held onto me

And never let me go.

Now you’re asking for me back

You said sorry for all of that

But sorry,

Ship has sailed

Apologies mean nothing

Just like when I was nothing to you

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People rarely see what’s underwater

More likely to look ahead

Than look down under.

They have to make effort

Ask the right questions

Be there on time

Maybe even early

But most important of them all

Is they have to try

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I am stronger than I was before

I won’t break or bend or compromise

I will glue myself together and won’t crumble so easy next time

We all fall down,

We are all weak sometimes,

But the true test is how we pick up the pieces

And move on

It may happen again

We may break again

But we know we have the power

We are powerful

And we will always be stronger

Be better

Move on


Breaks ups are the perfect time to re-evaluate who you are and what you want. For so long your life has been entwined with another person, and, even though it hurts at first, it’s liberating when you pick yourself up and move on. You have all the power in the world. You can let the breakup rule your life, or you can use it to make yourself stronger. That was the inspiration behind this poem.

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Pity (A Haiku)

I pity the one

who let you go. Who made you

Cry and said goodbye

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