Where Are They?

Where are the thoughts that used to race in my head?
The words unspoken and ready to be written
Where is the muse that lived in my heart
Who guided my pen and fingers
I barely had to work hard to type

About Anna

Anna is a creative fiction writer, who is starting to reach out to the public through blogging and creating websites. She was adopted from China as a baby by an American mother along with her three other siblings, one of who died January 14, 2015. Up until the creation of this blog, she has mostly worked privately, not sharing her writing much. Now, however, she is looking forwards to one day being a published author. She has four (4) books written for her fantasy series and has recently started a new novel entitled "At Death's Door". All these novels are works in progress.
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2 Responses to Where Are They?

  1. 𝑹𝒐𝒃𝒊𝒏 🧬 says:

    Ohhh…I’ve felt this at times. And most of the time when I do write, at the moment, it’s not about what I want to write about—but about things that are stressing me and preventing me from being relaxed enough.

    Anyway—do you find that taking a break helps? Even though that’s hard. I keep telling myself to take at least a one-day break from it! I’ve found before I would run out of inspiration for a couple of days, then be much more clear-headed after.

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