Cruel Fools

I don’t hate people easy

But I don’t empathize with fools –

The ones who hurt and belittle

They stomp on everything good

They lie and present an outward facade

But secretly they target, target

They are bullies

They are fools

Because where will you get in life?

You’re more than a know-it-all

You’re a bitch

And I don’t use it lightly

But you laugh and sneer

You talk about others

You hurt with no remorse

I don’t suffer fools –

I don’t usually wish badly on anyone

But sometimes to suffer is to understand

Sometimes it is only bad things that can teach a fool like you

About Anna

Anna is a creative fiction writer, who is starting to reach out to the public through blogging and creating websites. She was adopted from China as a baby by an American mother along with her three other siblings, one of who died January 14, 2015. Up until the creation of this blog, she has mostly worked privately, not sharing her writing much. Now, however, she is looking forwards to one day being a published author. She has four (4) books written for her fantasy series and has recently started a new novel entitled "At Death's Door". All these novels are works in progress.
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